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How much time a day do you think you spend working on your business on the average? One hour? Three hours?

When you sit down in front of the keyboard, mouse in hand, do you have a clear cut plan in mind of what you are going to accomplish today?

It goes without saying you should have a business plan for your business, which is the master plan for where you want the business to be this year, next year and in five years, etc. That plan should always be in the back of your mind, and referred to from time to time, to keep your business on track.

You should also have a working plan or schedule for your current project, or projects that you are presently working on. This is especially true if you have more than one project in various states of development.

It is quite possible to flit from one project to another, and end up getting hardly anything accomplished on any of them. Perhaps you think, “Maybe I’ll just check my email before I get started”. Reading and writing email is of course a part of Internet Marketing, but I’m talking about personal email here. The next thing you know you’ve burned up an hour and haven’t even begun work yet on your business.

Maybe you think, “I’ll just check out Ebay for a few minutes before I get going”. There goes even more time wasted. Are you starting to get the picture of why having a plan is important?

It doesn’t have to be a very detailed plan, just a simple outline really, but it serves to keep the project going forward, and keeps you motivated. It should always be in written form, and various tasks can be checked off as they are done. Remember, the plan is flexible and you will almost always end up modifying it as you go along. The important thing to remember is HAVE a plan.

I find it very helpful to keep a pad and pen beside the keyboard. You will find there are endless things you will want to write down as you go along. Using Notepad on your computer is nice, but the notes can tend to get lost and forgotten on your desktop. When you actually write something down, it helps you remember it more.

All in all, having a written plan can be a big help in knowing what your need to do whenever you work on your business, and can ensure that you advance it at least a little each and every day. Remember to also always see the BIG picture and don’t get lost in the details.

What do you think?  Do you have a business or working plan in place?

Leave a comment below and let me know how You stay on track.